my cousins came to visit!

super grateful i got to spend time with my cousins from st. louis today.  initially i thought i missed their visit, cuz i had a final on wednesday when they came to the office to see my parents, but i caught them today.  i introduced the tesla to them, and we made a little day trip to palo alto.  we walked around university ave, had lunch, and had a mindblowing conversation.  forreals.  mindblowing.  they’re so wise, knowledgeable, and Godly.  then laurie went to get her nails done, so grant and i drove to a nearby reservoir to hang out.  then we picked her up and went to their house.

so good to see them.  i feel so refreshed and renewed after seeing them.  it’s amazing how strong of an effect loved ones can have on your health.  i also really appreciated that they didn’t think my questions were stupid or foolish and answered all of them wholeheartedly.  a lot of what we talked about didn’t make sense to me much, but after fleshing it out with them, i think i now understand a lot more.

yay for growth


yessssss done w/my one and only final exam!

i only had one exam to take this finals week…and i could’ve gotten a 38% and still have passed the class, so i’m feeling pretty good about it.  i still studied all day with a group of classmates who needed the grade, because why not.  i would’ve felt like a lazy bone if i didn’t take the test seriously and if i didn’t study at all.

tomorrow, i’ll be going to campus to read part of my book in front of a large audience of professors, fellow fiction writers, and poetry writers.  i haven’t really decided which part i’ll read yet, cuz my book’s kind of all over the place in terms of content.  it even has some poetry in the back that i could read.  we’ll see.

then it’s officially summer!

moving out in an hour!

i’m so excited.  my friends are on their way rn to help me move out, and that is just one of the many indicators that summer is coming and that this chapter is coming to a close.

even tho i don’t have much planned for this summer other than some traveling, i know that it is all under God’s control.  he will throw at me what is necessary, and hopefully i can meet his expectations of me.  i know i can trust him to do the right thing, no matter what that is/means.  so, let’s cross our fingers and see what he deems me ready for.


They say God’s timing is purrfect

Huh. Interesting. God is definitely up to something. Sometimes all it takes is one familiar face to make you realize that life moves on quiiiick.

I’m moving out of school tmrw and will commute to campus on Wednesday and Thursday for a final exam and a senior reading. Then it’s officially okay to switch gears into summer break.

Recently, I’ve been evaluating who is meant to be in my life for just a season vs. those that are meant to be there for much longer. Like my pastor said yesterday, you have your 3 minute friends, your 3 hour friends, and your 3 year friends. Pick your tribe/community carefully and strategically. This basically equates to the saying that you are the company you keep, which also reminds me that you and your partner should be equally yoked. There’s the whole idea that love is like a triangle, with you and your partner on the bottom points and then God is on top. The more you and your partner move up the triangle and get closer to the top (where God is), the closer you get to each other at the same time.

That’s how it all who loves God?! Cuz I feel like dancing 🙂