we spent thanksgiving in napa

hello readers,

my family and i went to napa these past three days to spend our thanksgiving holiday, and it was such a treat.  my brother and his gf flew in from NYC to SFO, so we picked them up from the airport and went straight to napa.  the first day was very memorable.  we went on a wine tour at the robert mondavi winery and then we ate at a 3 michelin star restaurant called meadowood.  there, i ran into my friend from cornell hotel school, who was the wine director.  the meal consisted of 15 different courses.  officially, i think it was 12, but with extra desserts, etc we were served food 15 times in a row for a 3 hour dinner.  the bill ended up being over $2,000 for the five of us, but it was worth it for the experience.  the second day we spent a lot of time wine tasting and touring wineries as well as a castle, walked around downtown napa, played cards, then had thanksgiving dinner.  today, we went to a public market for breakfast then toured the beringer winery and walked around another one, ate an awesome late lunch, and now we’re home.

my brother and his gf will still be in town for another day and a half, so i’m excited to see how we spend the rest of their time here.

peace out



it’s raining

wow it’s raining today.  it’s been raining on and off, which makes it difficult for me to play tennis, but i suppose the rain is good for our earth.

i had a meeting with my apartment mates and RA last night.  it went very smoothly.  no one had any disagreements or conflicts to bring up, and it ended up being a super chill meeting.  my mom and Pierre came to visit last night.  they enjoyed their time here and left early this morning.

i gotta start busting out the umbrella now.

less than a month left until finals week

gotta power through these last few weeks of school.  less than a month left until finals week.  also, i’ve successfully enrolled in all 15 units for next quarter.  3 classes worth 5 units each.  i was fortunate not to run into any major problems enrolling.  there was one class that claimed i didn’t have the prerequisites for it, but i got a permission code that lifted all restrictions.

time to enroll for next quarter

tomorrow morning is my enrollment date for next quarter.  we’re only allowed to add up to 12 units worth, which means two 5-unit classes for me.  my third 5-unit class i have to enroll in on the 15th.  UCSC is weird like that.  really hoping i get all the classes i want!  i always have lots of anxiety when it comes to this.

i’m really excited my family and i have decided to get away to napa this thanksgiving.  yay for quality bonding time!