it’s wednesday morning, and i think i need to do laundry soon.  lately, i’ve been pondering why anakin skywalker turned into darth vader.  quite a dark move.  i wonder how he was able to live with himself; i guess he did it all for his own reasons.






it’s now tuesday.  i was given some advice yesterday to start setting some personal goals for myself and achieving them.  i wanna be one of those people that’s brave enough and intelligent enough to take action for what’s best for everyone else and also for myself.  we are born into existence for different reasons, and i believe there’s a reason for everything that happens.  i’m not sure exactly what my path/journey is, but i certainly trust that the people i love want what’s best for me, and i’ve always been loyal, so lead the way, y’all.

recently i’ve been pondering questions like do past lives exist, does reincarnation actually occur, etc.  i’ve gotten mixed answers from people.  do y’all believe in happy endings?  i’m trying to.

destiny, prophecies, you tell me.

do you believe that some people can see the future?  do you believe that people can time travel?  i wonder what my destiny really is.  it can’t be what’s happening now.  there’s too much suffering.  this shouldn’t be possible, and yet it is.  it’s my daily reality.  i’m hoping, praying, and wishing for a happy ending, however selfish that may seem.

might be another case of the mondays.  i sure hope this week is a good one.


about to start another week at school

hey all,

it’s sunday today, and i have a little time to kill before heading to church.  here comes yet another week of school.  gotta push through.  i went to watch the blue angels in san francisco yesterday with some friends, then we wandered around chinatown to grab a bite to eat.  i’ll be driving back to santa cruz tonight.  i’m home visiting for the weekend,  as i always do.


went to the halloween haunt at great america last night

hey everyone,

i checked out the halloween haunt at great america last night, and it was great fun.  i went with my cousins and aunt.  i really wanted to ride all the rollercoasters, but they weren’t up for it, and i didn’t wanna make them wait while i did it.  i’ve been craving going on rollercoasters lately.  does somebody wanna go w/me to great america sometime?