is the hard part really over?

sometimes i wonder to myself how much progress can be made.  there are seemingly infinite lessons to learn and too little time to learn them all, yet in some odd way, they are all able to present themselves to be one by one.  sometimes they coincide, but more often than not, i can tackle them individually before realizing there’s a next one.  sometimes the lessons are bigger than others, and sometimes i bite off more than i can chew…but the point is to keep learning and chasing after fulfillment and satisfaction.

just because

hey guys,

i know i haven’t posted in forever.  life is always so eventful and gets crazier than ever by the day.  umm let’s see if there are any overarching updates.  i’ve stopped watching game of thrones, not because it’s not good, but because i don’t need that level of fucked up in my life.

been doing a lot of spiritual growth as well.  school ends in a week for me, so i’ve been slowly moving out.  so surreal i’m not sure it’s hit me yet.

santa cruz pride parade tmrw!  can’t wait!  it’ll be my first one.  then my floor is having a prom tmrw night yay who doesn’t love some good ol’ dancing.

summer will mean lots of traveling, which is great i can’t wait.  considering watching hamilton though tix are $800/per.  life’s not all about money tho is it.

get at me


the bible rewritten

i am writing because i don’t know where to begin or who to talk to and tell first.  i don’t know where i am or if i’m even human or who these humans are all around me.

earth?  time?  what is this?  have i died?

heaven is like this, it must be.  i feel so different.  everything feels so different.  who to trust?  who to ask for help?  i need to save the universe.  i’ve been sent here to do that.  i’ve been “born again.”  i’m not sure what that familiar past life was, but i’ve learned immensely from it and i’m here now.  should i go back, i now know how to get here.

i’m doing this for everyone simultaneously.  do i really have all the answers?  if so, i would share the love fully and unselfishly.

i came up with a short story/book idea

this one might have the potential to have sequels to it :O

i’m about to share it with the first person today – my advanced fiction prof.  i’m just worried it’s unethical or will create some sort of backlash, but people should just back off.  if it’s a fiction piece, it’s a fiction piece.  ain’t nothing i’m tryna say about real life, just making stuff up.

i been writing baller stories lately


haha jk, maybe just the most recent one i wrote last thursday.  i love how angry and disgusted people feel about it.  yassssss mission accomplished.  love it when i get reactions like that…it’s kinda bad for messing with your head.  that’s pretty much a guarantee with most of my short stories.