may 2018 be

may 2018 be filled with more ups than 2017 and fewer downs than 2017!


2018 almost here!

the new year is almost here.  it hasn’t sunk in for me yet, perhaps because i haven’t been thinking very much about the future lately.  but wow, another year has passed.  i wonder what 2018 will bring.  a year is a really long time if i think about specifics that happened earlier this year.

merry christmas eve!

merry christmas eve to all!  i hope you guys all eat well, drink well, laugh well, and sleep well tonight.  may this be a joyous season for all.

i got back from my sibling trip with my brother to seattle a few days ago and plan to post pics later.  we accomplished a lot in four days and three nights.

a final exam tmrw

i have one final exam tmrw.  it’s one of those tests i just wanna get over with.  i studied for the midterm a lot for this class, but didn’t get the grade i wanted.  i currently have a 94% in the class, but the final could bring me down to a B depending on how well i do on it.  i’ve been overthinking it a lot tho.  i think as long as i stay relaxed and grounded during the test that i should be okay.

last week of classes

it’s the last week of classes, and i’m sitting through the last session of my most boring class of all quarter.  why’s it boring?  it doesn’t allow for very much open discussion of the texts we’re supposed to be reading.  bright side is, my mom and dog will be coming to visit me afterwards.

on another note, i have a lot to look forward to this winter break!  my brother has invited me to go on a sibling trip with him, so we’re narrowing down our destinations right now.  i’m excited and flattered!  we haven’t gone on a sibling trip since we went to china almost 20 years ago, and a lot of time has passed since then.

in terms of school, i’ve finished most of my final projects and can focus on my final exam.  then i’m free for break; i hope i don’t get too used to relaxing over break that it makes it hard to adjust to school life.  senioritis strikes.