life goes on

well now the weekend has hit!  yesterday i was able to get to santa cruz to visit henry cowell state park, UCSC dining hall, downtown SC, and seabright beach.  actually i took a great pic of the clouds there while laying in the sun.  now the weekend is here, and i’ve got more stuff to get to.  life goes on!

back from my trip!

hi all,

i got back from my nyc trip two days ago, and it was great!  i explored and learned a lot there.  during the middle of my trip, i also took a train to connecticut to visit my aunt, which was also very meaningful.

now i’m back!

i’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, which is always productive.  the more you think, the wiser you get.


ever been in a lose-lose scenario?


have you guys ever been in a lose-lose scenario?  where it’s about choosing suffering vs. choosing suffering…just different kinds of suffering?  it’s ONE of the worst feelings in the world.  there are many bad feelings in the world, of course.

and you’re like be positive about it, be positive about it (to yourself) and just power through?

one thing is for sure is that you feel accomplished afterwards.  but in the moment, you’re a little bit like wtf God.