new iphone?

blegh, i might need a new phone, cuz my current one has a few glitches..  gotta do research on the new ones and pick one.  i just know i don’t want it to be huge.

we’ll see what happens.  the most important thing is that i wanna keep my calendar events, cuz i have a lot in my calendar.  i’m also wondering if it’s possible to keep voicemails i have saved.



life has just been going my way lately

having a positive mindset can really lead to positive results.  it’s like the law of attraction.  what you want out of the world, you will get if you put out good vibes.

a lot of little things have been happening in my life that i just feel so grateful for.

i’m not gonna list them, cuz you would think they’re trivial and insignificant..but the reality is!  i’ve been praying a lot and having my prayers answered.


cmon macbook, cmon

i’ve used macs for maybe a decade now..and it’s the first time i’ve encountered a problem with the battery.

i set up a genius bar reservation, and they said i’ve had this current macbook for around 3 years now, so needing to “service the battery” (which is what my macbook says when i click the battery sign) is not unheard of.  they’re fixing it now for $199.  i hope my stuff doesn’t get all erased…but even if it did, maybe it’d be nice to get a fresh start on my computer and on my iphone.  i can really strip down to just the bare essentials.  my church is going through a series on technology right now, so even if my laptop and phone get wiped out of any content they previously had, i wouldn’t be mad at the situation.

the apple technician says this happens often (with the battery) and that batteries get affected by high altitudes, so maybe my trip to China is what triggered it…it would make sense, cuz it started malfunctioning in China.

what happens is that the battery keeps draining even when my computer is on sleep mode.

we’ll see.  i’m supposed to pick it up tmrw, so it’s up to God if he wants to wipe out my phone and computer or not.


ok my dad chose a movie for us to watch yesterday.  it’s called “searching,” and i won’t spoil anything in this post about it.  it’s based in san jose, ca.  it mentions things like highway 101, 408 numbers, social media, etc, which all made it feel very close to home.  a 16 yr old high school asian teenager goes missing, and we try to figure out how/why.


i got legitly scared.  it required some thinking due to the twists in the plot.  and i happen to be pretty sensitive to scary movies anyways, so blahhh.