about to walk into my midterm

i feel prepared for this test, and studying for it is getting annoying.  hopefully i can pay close attention during the test and not make any careless mistakes.  had a yerba mate for caffeine, but i’m not sure i feel the effects tho i drank the one with the highest caffeine content.  oh well!  let’s get this test over with yeesh.


midterm tomorrow

hey all

i have a midterm tomorrow that i feel pretty ready for.  might review some slides again today.  heading to a midterm review session from  7-9pm as well.

i have this coming friday off as a school holiday, then thanksgiving is coming up fast.  my brother and his gf will be visiting, and we’re all thinking to go to napa wheeee!


my day today

i posted a facebook status earlier saying this “sometimes my life requires more strength than i have. i wish i were stronger. God only gives you what you can handle, right?” and i’ve gotten a lot of feedback on it.

recently, i’ve been feeling kind of vulnerable and fragile.  it’s not a fun place to be.  hopefully i’ll power through though.

school school school

i have a 10min oral presentation coming up on nov 2 as well as a midterm on nov 6 then another one on nov 13.  but hey! after that is thanksgiving break when i get to see my brother and his girlfriend again.

just have to power through.

my mom might visit me again tonight.  we shall see!


ok time to stop thinking about food

i’ve been thinking about food way too often lately, and it needs to stop.  i’m hangry even when i’m not hungry, it doesn’t make sense.

so today is monday!  mondays are my busiest days in terms of classes.  i attend a support group at school that falls on mondays as well.  i’m at the library right now, killing some time between classes.

recently, i’ve still been thinking about past lives.  maybe i had one, and i just don’t remember?  maybe i’ve come across people that i’ve known in a  past life, and that’s the only way to explain the connection i have with them.  who knows…