the black panther

i watched the black panther yesterday, and it was an awesome movie.  i saw it with 13 other friends, so we took up a whole row.  i’m glad we watched it.  the last movie i saw in theaters was jumanji and before that coco and before that thor ragnarok.  i think…

they’re all great movies worth watching.



study time

this weekend has been a lot about studying.  i have an important midterm exam coming up next next week that requires a lot of memorization, so i’m slowly warming up to that.  i also have a paper due this friday that i need to crack down on.  on another note, i found some new tennis buddies, and i’m looking forward to playing with them.  i’ve also made it a weekly thing to get dinner with my roommates on monday nights.  it’s been fun so far.

learning how to just live life

sometimes life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it’s just static somewhere in the middle.  i feel like that’s where i’m at, that static medium.  i suppose it’s nice to just have the days go by like this, and i’m grateful for the seeming normalcy.  it’s certainly better than having downs.  i guess as long as life’s not down, it’s up.  when’s the next wave gonna hit though?  maybe now’s the time i learn to just live life as it should be for a normal person.  life is life.  it’s not always exciting, sometimes it’s just about passing the days.  i’m feeling the monotony and mundaneness take over a bit.

my car broke down :(

for the second time, my car stopped working in the middle of the road this weekend.  from now on, i’m driving my dad’s old car while he gets a new one.  stupid bmw!!!! it gave me way too many problems.

good news is i’m driving a car that works right now.  i’ve transferred over all my possessions and also transferred my parking permit w/the new license plate number on it to the new car.

ay caramba.  i can’t wait to get rid of that piece of junk or at least trade it in.  bmw sucks…at least mine did.

first day of school

it’s the first day of school!  well, the first day of winter quarter and the first day of this year.  i just had one class in the morning, which went well.  i have my other two classes tomorrow then two sections on wednesday and a third section on thursday.

i need to get some rain boots.  it’s been raining all day today (which means the ucsc traditional naked run will be today), and my shoes/socks are wet.