ucsc coming up real quick! but first, las vegas

so i’m living in the ILC starting next month.  they’re apartments with 6 people per.  the ILC is the international living center.  we’ve got half of the students living there coming from other countries.  i know one of my apartment mates so far is from chile, so i’ll be remembering some of my rusty spanish skills.

excited for this new chapter.  but who knows what the rest of summer has in store for me?

heading to las vegas next week!  gonna watch some shows and sin it up.


at the mechanic right now

not sure what it is with my car.  so, i drive a silver bmw 328i coupe.  it’s from 2008 but still looks pretty fresh when i’ve given it a nice wash.

i keep having to come to the mechanic though.  it’s been a few times a year every year for a while and not for small problems either.

actually less than a month ago, my car completely stopped working as i was driving on the road.  it was a really scary experience, because cars were coming at me, and i was sprawled across two lanes, because i was changing lanes.  scary stuff.  fortunately, someone helped push my car off the road until i could figure it all out.

car stuff is scary.

how to view the past

when i look back on my past, i tend to think shame, disappointment, and guilt.  but the past is the past, so why dwell on all of that?

the past shapes your present actions and future plans.  patterns can be picked up.  habits can be developed.  mindsets can be formed.