bye bye facebook

it’s been a good run, but i really don’t think facebook is a good idea anymore.  sorry i didn’t really give anyone a heads up about it.  i simply don’t have the time and energy to keep up with it anymore there’s way too much going on in actual life.  this blog will still exist but as it has been lately, i really don’t post all that often.

i’ll be flying home from st louis tmrw.  it was a great trip.  lots accomplished and lots more to go.

love y’all,



i’ve been up to a LOT lately.  i’m a boss.  end of story.

jk i need to relax a bit more.  lots of responsibilities that i’m carrying on my own.  i’ll be heading to st louis friday to tuesday this coming week.  should be good times.  i’m hoping just for some down time to relax and heal.