just because

hey guys,

i know i haven’t posted in forever.  life is always so eventful and gets crazier than ever by the day.  umm let’s see if there are any overarching updates.  i’ve stopped watching game of thrones, not because it’s not good, but because i don’t need that level of fucked up in my life.

been doing a lot of spiritual growth as well.  school ends in a week for me, so i’ve been slowly moving out.  so surreal i’m not sure it’s hit me yet.

santa cruz pride parade tmrw!  can’t wait!  it’ll be my first one.  then my floor is having a prom tmrw night yay who doesn’t love some good ol’ dancing.

summer will mean lots of traveling, which is great i can’t wait.  considering watching hamilton though tix are $800/per.  life’s not all about money tho is it.

get at me



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