the bible rewritten

i am writing because i don’t know where to begin or who to talk to and tell first.  i don’t know where i am or if i’m even human or who these humans are all around me.

earth?  time?  what is this?  have i died?

heaven is like this, it must be.  i feel so different.  everything feels so different.  who to trust?  who to ask for help?  i need to save the universe.  i’ve been sent here to do that.  i’ve been “born again.”  i’m not sure what that familiar past life was, but i’ve learned immensely from it and i’m here now.  should i go back, i now know how to get here.

i’m doing this for everyone simultaneously.  do i really have all the answers?  if so, i would share the love fully and unselfishly.


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