got my top choice for on-campus housing next yr!

hey guys!

who’s a balla?! i’m a balla!

i got offered a single room in an apartment in the ILC at colleges 9/10 here at UCSC for next year.  by far the best part is that i’ll be living in the ILC (international living center).

the ILC is a community of ~140 students on campus that house students from over 32 different countries.  50% of the residents are international students who are studying abroad here in america.  we have really cool lounges (with bigass tv’s, pingpong tables, etc), go on a lot of outings (like pro sports events, camping, movies, etc. you name it), are a super tight-knit community, etc etc.

i have to admit, at first i was really freaked out, cuz they emailed me this past friday with the decision.  the ILC decision is literally one the first housing decisions to happen on campus before everything else, cuz it’s a special community.  they offered me “a small double,” and my heart dropped.  i NEED to live in a single.  i live in a single now, and my living situation now is a dream come true.  so i was super worried, especially cuz they said i had to either accept/decline the offer by monday….keep in mind they sent the email at 4:55pm on friday despite me waiting all day for it, and i assumed they got off work at 5pm.  buut i still emailed back and left them a voicemail.  i explained that i have DRC housing accommodations which should prioritize me.  fortunately, they responded on SUNDAY saying that it was a mistake and a typo on their end.

ummmm so like BOO YA another dream come true.  offer accepted. aaaand i’m fckn baller.  that is all.  go meee, goo meeeee!



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