you can’t please everyone

hey everyone,

just finished my first day of spring quarter, and it went okay!  i kinda went a little crazy in my literature class today and told the rest of the class i plan to save the world.  i thought to myself, sure what the heck why not.  so i said it.  of course everyone’s natural reaction was to laugh, but that didn’t faze me.  the prof asked if i had a plan, and i simply nodded my head.  she then asked if i plan to start with one country, and i responded that some things are universal, so it might just be simultaneous.  then she asked what the plan was or something to that extent.  and i mentioned how confucius rose to fame when he wrote some classics that the government deemed worthy of basing an entire societal structure off of.

it’s on.  screw the haters.  i wasn’t offended or fazed by the people who laughed, but it was that one person.  that one person who reminded me of who i was years ago, who must’ve thought i was an arrogant know-it-all…but that’s because this person hasn’t seen the truth yet, like i have!  oh, the frustration.  you can’t please everyone.  and i guess the people i can’t please are the ones i care about the most.



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