it’s sunday morning, and…

it’s sunday morning, and i am blogging to delay the reality of homework.  super in denial of it lol.

can we talk about trust today?  i have so many trust issues, it’s absurd.  the more you’ve been taken advantage of in the past and the more you’ve been hurt in the past (i’m not even talking about the distant past), the less you wanna try when new opportunities arise.  it’s a strong self-defense mechanism, but that mentality doesn’t get you very far.  it’s so important in life to take risks, because that allows mistakes to happen.. and mistakes are super valuable.  i’ve made so many shameful, exhausting, and consuming mistakes in my past, and tho i cringe when i rethink them, i feel grateful that that’s one more life lesson i’ve learned to save myself from future hurt.  the earlier you make a mistake, the better (in my opinion, at least).  ain’t nobody got time to play it safe.  bravery pays off.

i also think it’s really important to challenge yourself to think outside the box and go against society’s norms.  be your own person!  and try not to put too much weight on what society, government, or other authority deems to be right or wrong.  make your own rules.  chase your own thrills and happinesses.  don’t be afraid to unlearn some of what you’ve already learned.  don’t let something get ingrained in you until you’ve thought about it and reflected on it deeply enough to really agree that it is in line with your own personal ethics and values.

i’ve said screw you to so many social rules and conventions.  it’s liberating, and creating my own path has been very rewarding.  i do find it very frustrating that i had to lie, cheat, and steal to get to where i am now, buut at the same time, those were all really strategic shortcuts to more efficiently reach the personal success i believe i’ve achieved now.  i don’t want to encourage others to do the same, but i do think they can take away the major components without making the same mistakes.

know what i mean?!




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