one of the very few things i do in my free time

one of the very few things i do in my free time is watch the bachelor.  it’s like the only show i really keep up with.  and no..danielle lombard (DLo) did NOT just get eliminated.  i’m questioning if i wanna keep watching anymore.

i’ve been continually impressed by her, and it was to the point where she was way too good for nick, and i was honestly hoping she’d be the runner up or second runner up, so that she could have her own show chosen as the new bachelorette for next season.

if i could say something to nick, i’d say: first of all, she shouldn’t have gone on that 2-1, and second of all, she is way more quality than people like corinne or the other danielle.

nick, what are you doing?!  i’m bouta stop watching.  it would only make sense now if you picked raven or rachel…but raven hotter, so ya.

you know, at times like these, i wish i were famous.  so i could have my personal assistant hit up danielle L, express my sympathies, and offer her some kind of gig.  i see her potential, even if you don’t, nick!  ima keep tabs on her 🙂  one day…one day.





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