have some time to kill

hey readers,

it’s monday morning, and i’m getting my oil changed right now.  it should be another 10 minutes or so, so i thought i’d pop in and say hi.


as for my life, there’s always so much going on, but i try to keep this blog somewhat surface-level otherwise i’d just be typing for days.  an interesting fact about me is that a guilty pleasure of mine lately has been watching this season of the bachelor.  i like it.  it’s good.

as for santa cruz, i’m gonna drive back after my oil’s changed in a bit.  i’m excited to see my professor in office hours today, cuz the stuff he talks about in class and the stuff we read for his class are wild.  he’s the kind of professor that can be intimidating and scary at first, but i find him super interesting and invested in the material.

also, everyone keeps telling me to get a new car…it’s been like four people so far, but four people i really trust, which makes it seem like so many more people because of how much more weight i place on their opinions.  sooo, should i?  trade in my bmw 328i silver coupe for a brand new car?  i mean, what other car would i even want, really?  it’s already my dream car, and the best car you could imagine asking for.  i can’t even think of another car i would want more, tho i would have a completely free choice of one.  my uncle says to get a mercedes suv?  i’m down with my bimmer tho 🙂  i just have to take better care of it.

the dumpling party yesterday was so much fun.  i swear whenever i go to dumpling parties, there’s always way too much excess food.  it was really fulfilling and heart-warming to see so many old friends there that i hadn’t seen in months.  my loved ones have such a powerful presence in my life; that’s just the kind of person i am.  i was bummed i had to leave to watch a show with my dad.  i was literally checking the clock every few minutes to make sure i had enough time to at least say a brief hi to everyone.  couldn’t dive into deep convo, but it’s ok.  the show we watched ended up being awesome, so my resentment melted away quickly.  there’s just not enough time for everything.  i was surprised our tickets were like $80 per, cuz it was a show at the flint center.  it was definitely a great way to celebrate and welcome the lunar new year, and there was some real talent there up on the stage.

bye guys have a great day i have to go get my car now the mechanic just called



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