wait. i had such a great weekend, and it’s not even over.

wait…i’m super excited about life rn.

i had such a great weekend, and i’m so fortunate that i have the ability to come home on weekends.  i’ve built up such a strong support system here.  it’s funny, cuz every time the week nears an end when i’m in santa cruz, i don’t feel the need to come home…and then every time i’m at home, i’m always so amazed at how much it recharges me even more than i expected it would and even more than i needed it to.  lemme tell ya, that’s the sign of a good life.

oh, the power of friendship and family.  it’s good to have different gears in life to put everything in perspective and keep it there.

happy new year, all my yellow people!


wait and i also wanna add something kinda funny that happened this past friday.  i went to an event for transfer students, and i mainly hung out with two people the whole night.  my new next door neighbor got there like five minutes after me, so i was happy to get to know her throughout the night, since we had only shared hellos briefly once before.  so we’re chatting, and i’m sharing really light stuff at first, but then i build off of the momentum and dive into all the craaaaaaaazzyyyyyyyy things happening in my life lately.  and i tend to talk loudly, i just don’t really have a filter to watch my volume.  so about 20-30min later, i leave to get some more refreshments, and this random girl comes up behind me and was like “hey i just wanted to say i really like your stories”  i was like…NOOOO!!!!!!! those were super private stories!  and i get stuck in my head for a bit replaying all the craaazy intense stories i had just told in the last 20-30 minutes.  then i freak out thinking other ppl in the room heard as well, and i’m like oh no…cuz i’m actually bound by certain rules to keep certain things in my life confidential.  well, anyways then i get back to my neighbor and i’m like omg.  and tell her what happened.  and she melted away all my worries in about two seconds when she said “they’re talking about the sticker on your back”  then it dawned on me that earlier that night, i agreed to play the name game.  which goes like, you get a sticker of a famous person on your back, and other people can answer yes/no questions for you to guess your person…and my person was j.k. rowling.  haaaa i’m such a derp.

but btw, i only asked 2 questions to guess that i was j.k. rowling.  1: male or female?  2: did i write harry potter?  the one clue i had before the two questions was that it was literature-related cuz i’m a literature major.  but still! shabooya.

bouta head to a dumpling-making party and new years gala, bai.



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