pride is a funny thing, isn’t it?  it can be blinding.  just as much as denial can be blinding.  i personally think the two go hand in hand.  denial to me can be someone’s pride of their own opinions, beliefs, and comfort zones, stunting that person from his or her true personal growth and development…which is pretty sad in both senses of that word.

granted, human nature tells us to stick with the familiar and to resist change, and i’m guilty of this myself of course.  i don’t like big changes, but when i’m forced into them, i never regret the experience.  big transitions allow for so much maturation.  like how college right now is difficult for me, because my priorities are all over the place, but i know that it’s where i’m meant to be because of how challenged i am as a person both in and out of the classroom.  in fact, i just finished the first week of school, which consisted of more meetings than lectures, seemingly.



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