you have to be brave in life.  if you don’t take risks, you won’t get rewards.  or maybe you already think you get rewards in life…but those are so small and minimal compared to those of true risk-takers.  i say this from experience, but who are you to listen to me, right?  granted, i’m only 25 years old, but i’m a lot more mature than most people you know.  is boasting about maturity paradoxical?  sure it can be sometimes, but i earned that sh*t.  i earned those life points and those bragging rights.  i feel great with where i’m at in life right now, and i feel so prepared for the future.  still doing big thangs here.

there’s way too much going on in my life for me to even have time to explain to you; plus, a lot of it is confidential, so i couldn’t even if i wanted to…just the way things go!

i’m starting to enjoy alone time more than i ever have before.  go meeeee.

i’m also starting to develop a very deep and strong hatred for certain people, and it’s actually been such a healthy change for me, cuz now i can stick up for myself and don’t put up with other people’s bs.  it’s nice having a backbone.  you should try it sometime.

what’s cool is that hatred also comes hand in and with gratitude, at least for me, cuz now the people that i do value in life, i want to treat in the best way possible.  i can’t wait to start dedicating books to people and paying these people back for the kindness they have showed me.  i’m touched.

fresh eyes – andy grammer



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