if you want me to write, i’ll write.

i’ve been going just a little nuts lately.  cashews and pistachios, yanno.  not always the best mix, but what can ya do?  there have been a couple of incidents on our floor lately, so the RA is calling an emergency floor meeting this week either wednesday or thursday.  we gotta get our shit together.  we’re fam, but there are always disagreements, and no one family is fully “functional.”  at the end of the day, it’s all love tho.

i’ve been going back and forth between home and school lately, which probably speaks volumes about my mental and emotional wellbeing.  i’m being challenged to do a lot of different tasks, but i’m ready for the challenge as always.  some examples are that i need to track my daily mood, attempt to do a daily meditation, and more.

“bad things” – machine gun kelly ft. camila cabello



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