apparently i suck at writing

hey guys!

yeah it’s me.  it’s me, it’s me!  i’m back.  how’s school going?  it’s going.

i got a B- on my first essay for…my LITERATURE 1 class.  are you forrrrrrrrrreal?  i guess i’m not the best writer, but at least i try.

on a brighter note, i got a 10/10 for an assignment in my philosophy that was worth 8% of my total grade.  hoping to keep that up.

i’ve been advised to take on a third person’s perspective in my blog posts, which takes the pressure off of me to be autobiographical..but will still hold me accountable to giving you guys a little sumpin sumpin everyday.

the most recent development is that i’ve been curious about auras, auric fields, synesthesia, and aliens.  i also met with my new psychiatrist in santa cruz today, and he changed my meds for the first time in like the past two years.  it’s going well so far, but today is day one.

i’ve also been trying to date people lately, which is really exciting and enlightening.

one of the best parts of school are the people on my floor…it truly feels like…”family.”


can i also just say how heartwarming it is to me that people have continually viewed my blog even when i wasn’t posting.

love you guys,



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