wait. i’m losing track of the days now

hey guys,

as you may or may not have noticed, i’ve been writing my posts in the early AMs of new days rather than the nights before.  there’s just a lot going on in santa cruz right now.  i’ll try to rewind back to the beginning of this incredibly long day…long in a good way tho.

i got up and realized i had enough time to meet up with my brother in monterey, so i headed to fisherman’s wharf.  i went on a detour to save time.  let me just say it took me like 15-20 minutes just to get like three blocks away from campus.  it was super bottlenecked and clogged from all the action from people moving in.  so i got to fisherman’s wharf, super lucked out finding free 2 hour parking somewhere on the random detour the gps took me on.  i really lucked out with that lol.  i met my brother, his gf, his two high school friends, and one of their significant others at a seafood restaurant.  we grubbed on really good food and caught up.  pierre was there with me too.  i fed him a little bread 🙂

then i decided to go home and run a bunch of errands.  i got a lot done at home actually.  i also enjoyed the time away from campus to make phone calls to close friends and family.  there’s been so much to catch up on, and i’m finding that there is very little spare time in the days to even answer text messages or check facebook notifications.  my lifestyle here in santa cruz is so different.

i got back to campus, grubbed with a friend, and showed him my room after…then 5 other people came in and we chatted for a bit.  i was supposed to watch zootopia in the quad outside my building, but there was way too much going on, so we just chatted in different rooms and kickbacks.

then there was a really intense adventure that blew my mind.  originally, i just wanted to walk pierre to let him pee and poo…we first went to the koi pond…but then ended up wandering into the meadows, where there were like at least 200 people smoking weed, drinking, and socializing.  it was really really overwhelming having pierre with me.  i was literally getting mobbed.  i felt like paparazzi was flooding me.  everyone just started shouting and screaming at me to “pet my dog oh my god.”  noooooo bro.



i mean. i was chill with it, but i have my limits.  i wasn’t super down with it all.  at first i had my cell phone flashlight on to guide the way, but then i turned it off cuz i noticed how much people freak out when they see pierre..they just miss their dogs, and are so incredibly ecstatic and stimulated when they see a dog.   i also need to forgive the fact that they were all probly high, drunk, or cross faded.

also, i kinda wanna say i’m feeling low key depressed right now.  i don’t have a therapy appointment until this coming friday, but i feel like i need one asap.  tonight was a bit much.  i don’t know if i’m agoraphobic or just overwhelmed.

signing out,



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