whaaa it’s past 2am

hey everyone!

had a great day today.  i think last i left off, i was just about to hit up a library tour.  after that, i grubbed at a dining hall overlooking the ocean and went to the science and engineering library tour.  the tour was lame, cuz they only had one floor open to the public, while everything else was closed off due to construction.

then i met a buncha my neighbors and had a floor meeting.  after that, i went home to get pierre cuz i missed him!  i tried buying a step ladder for him, cuz my bed is lofted, but i ended up making a really dumb mistake buying one that was way too short (i thought it went the other way).

everyone is loving pierre.  he’s just wayy too attached to me.  if i move at all even within my room, he’ll want to jump off my bed…but that’s really bad for his knees.  he also can’t use the step ladder i bought him, so i’ll have to return that at some point…however, he can use my chair to get up and down, which will do for now.

all my decorations are up, and i’m really happy with the way my room ended up.  yeeeeee!!!  i don’t have this ocean view like my neighbors do, but it’s all good.



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