day 3 as a slug!

hey guys!

i’m at mchenry library waiting for my tour.  there are about 10 other people waiting for this same tour – not bad.  fortunately, i came a bit early, so i was able to set up my library card, which was a really simple process.  the librarian just scanned the card, the card beeped, and that was it.

on another note, i’m really enjoying my memory foam mattress topper.  even tho it was pretty expensive, it makes me wake up feeling like i’ve slept 3 extra hours.  it also helps that my room faces east, so the sun shines in my room in the mornings, making it feel warmer and later in the day than it actually is.

also!  i might be able to meet up with my brother and his gf tmrw, who are in town from nyc to monterey for a friend’s wedding.  we’ll see!  it’s crazy, cuz all the freshmen are moving in tmrw, so i may lose my parking spot, but it’d be great to see them!



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