day 2 continues

hey guys!

a lot of exciting things happened today.  i had a really good day overall.  i thought i had a decent view with some trees outside my door, but my neighbors have a full on view of the porter squiggle, the meadow, and a LOT of the monterey bay.  they’re in a triple right next to me, so ima be hitting up their room to study and chill fashoo.  our floor meeting is being led by our RA tmrw.  there are 3 RA’s per floor, just like at cornell.  btw, my RA is sick!

i wish my door were a different color.  it’s yellow, but i would’ve preferred green or blue.  i’ll get over it tho.

oh guys, i spotted 5 deer on the soccer field today!  proof?


yeeeeeee..and yea that’s the ocean in the back.

also, we had a residential meeting today for everyone that’s affiliated with porter college, and apparently, it’s totally chill to have alcohol in your rooms even if they’re open containers.  we just can’t go in the hallways with them or any other “public” space on campus.  holla!

yup! gonna shower and chill.  ppl be ordering pizzas up in hurr. night guys!



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