the only thing left to pack are my clothes

hey everyone,

i woke up to one of the worst sounds i can hear: my mom yelling at me…just lovely.

after i woke up and walked the dog, i drove to the santa clara location of the bay club this morning to trade in our membership points for new cans of tennis ball, but as it turns out, my dad has to be present to do that, cuz he’s the main member on our account.  lame. they really should’ve told me that over the phone when i called to ask about it.  i wasted a 30 minute trip there and back.  these days, time is totally of the essence.

then i went to my family friend’s house, and she cooked delicious dumplings for me.  we chatted for a good two hours in her backyard, and now i’m trying to get some work done at a starbucks before i continue packing.

as the title suggests, the only items left for me to pack are my clothes.  i’m trying not to overdo it, cuz i can easily drive home to pick up more clothes or swap them out, depending on how the weather changes.

time to crunch out some work.

peace guys, enjoy your sunday!




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