my first time square dancing!

hey everyone!

i had so much fun going square dancing tonight.  i went as a newcomer to this group called “el camino reelers,” and it was hella ballerrr.  it was really easy to catch on to, plus i typically learn quickly anyways.  by the time i got into the swing of it, i caught myself reminding even some of the regulars of the moves and rhythms.

the best part was that it was an lgbt group, so the roles were really fluid.  i ended up switching partners about four times throughout the night, and i liked the partners i asked more and more as the night went on.  by the end of the night, i was super happy with my last partner.  square dancing is a really innocently touchy feely kind of dance, so it was really fun.  plus i was the only one my age, so i felt a bit special.

there were also really awesome refreshments, and everyone was so nice, welcoming, and hospitable.  it was in palo alto, but i was surprised some people had traveled from santa cruz or even monterey to get there just for it.

in addition, someone also gave me a 5×5 boggle game, cuz i love word games, so that was awesome too.  i’ll be bringing that with me to santa cruz fasho.

night, guys!



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