crap. the recurring nightmare struck again last night, but this time with a new angle to it.


hey guys,

remember i told you about that recurring nightmare that happens where i have a really important math test coming up the next day that my whole grade depends on, and i’m beyond unprepared for it?  well basically, i’m always close to seriously failing the class, and if i don’t perform on this upcoming test, it’ll mark the end of me academically…like a total game over.  so in this dream, i need to scramble to learn and master a specific math concept before i run out of time before the test.  unfortunately, this is usually when the dream ends, leaving me feeling really stressed out when i wake up.  basically, when i realize i’m absolutely doomed and out of time, i wake up.  it’s really quite awful, cuz i always wake up feeling like i’m in a pit of trouble and ruins.

in this one case during last night’s nightmare, one of my good friends was in the picture, and she had already finished all the practice problems, showing mastery of the concept that i had such a weak gasp on.  she was super ready for the test, so i asked her for help.  however, she ignored me and was selfish about her knowledge, leaving me in the dust as she walked off.

and for some reason in these dreams, there’s always a few moments of panic when i’m convinced during the dream that it isn’t a dream.  so, i basically outsmart myself just to stress myself out more while in the dream state.  and i hate how the dream always inevitably ends when i realize i’ve run out of time to study and when it is confirmed that i will for sure fail the impending math test.

in fact, i get stressed even thinking about how the dream makes me feel both during the dream and after i wake up.  i should also just refer to it solely as a “nightmare” and not a dream, cuz it definitely isn’t a pleasant experience.

here’s to hoping that your dreams are much sweeter than mine,



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