yesterday night was so much fun!

what is up all!

i had so much fun last night in downtown san jose.  it was so great!  time flies when you spend it with quality people.

we were catching pokemon most of the night, and guadalupe park was perfect for it wow.  i’ve never experienced a pokemon-catching experience like that. there were wayyyy too many pokemon, so you could definitely pick and choose. i kept running out of pokeballs and reaching the max number of pokemon possible, which had never happened before.  also can i just say the perk of being a noob while your friends are pros is that you pick up tips and tricks quickly.  it was wild.  there were a good 60-70 people there.  i learned quickly and caught lots.

then my friends and i walked over to san pedro square market for dinner and live music.  we chose san pedro square market, so we could all order from different places and eat together, cuz we couldn’t agree on just one type of cuisine.  after eating dinner and dessert, we headed back to guadalupe park to keep catching.

there were even more people catching pokemon after dinner, so it was a cool team effort trying to spot pokemon and share their locations.  since guadalupe park is so popular for pokemon, there were a lot of vendors selling ice cream, hot dogs, sausages, pork rinds, chips, etc.  smart people.

i was sad to leave at the end of the night, but we were all so beat and exhausted that there was no way we could have kept going.  plus, we all had commitments today, so we needed to rest well.

also guys, this week marks my last full week before i leave for school…meaning, i leave next week!  wahoo!



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