i broke my strings playing tennis this morning

whatsuup people,

i’ve been feeling really groggy all day today; it’s super odd.  this morning, i got up and played tennis with a friend then joined him at his house for lunch.  while we were playing tennis, i broke my strings again.  i don’t play as much as i want to or should be, so the last time they broke was probably like half a year ago?  typically when i’m playing regularly, my strings break once a month.  tbh, i was kinda pleased with myself that i still have it in me, but then i remembered restringing costs money.  i typically get my string strung for free through connections (like from coaches, etc), but today i compared the prices for the labor of restringing at the cupertino sports center vs racket supply on de anza blvd, and i ended up dropping off my racket at racket supply just now.  they only charge $10 for the labor in addition to the cost of the actual strings.

after hitting up racket supply, i went to wash up at the gym and now i have a few moments to spare before i jump into three back to back groups i have tonight –  all of which are lgbt related.  afterwards, i’m going shopping with a friend for some body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and other last minute items for ucsc.  i’ve been putting off these specific for so long, but those are pretty much the last things i absolutely need to bring.  i’m gonna wait to consider a mini fridge when i actually finish moving in, to see if i have ample space for it and to get an idea for where i want it and if i need it or not.  i also am gonna wait to get there to measure out a good spot to put an area rug.

aite guys.  have a good friday.  i’m really looking forward to my labor day weekend!  fun stuff ahead.



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