how long does caffeine stay in your system?

hey guys,

i’m wondering how long caffeine stays in your system.  google says 8-14 hours, but that’s a huge range.  remember when i blogged to you that i was wired yesterday?  well, i stayed wired for a very long time even into the night.

also, can i just say i was on this bluetooth headphone game much earlier than the release of the iphone 7?  apparently, the iphone 7 is getting rid of its headphone jack, forcing users to rely on bluetooth headphones.  i’ve been raving about bluetooth headphones for a while and have been wearing them every day for over a year now.  remember when i used to blog about first using it?  trust me, you’ll like it!  you only have to charge it like once or twice a week.  super convenient.  get on it.



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