not tryna hate.

hey everyone!

i’m gonna be honest.  i wrote a kinda long blog post just now and deleted it.  it didn’t feel right posting it.  it was about how i try my best to accept people for who they are and their innate human nature, despite not being able to tolerate it 100%.  we all have flaws, some of us just don’t actively work on improving their flaws as much as the rest of us do.  it’s about being aware of one’s own strengths and weaknesses.  i gladly admit mine.  it invites a challenge – a call to action and accountability to improve.  i guess it’s tough to do so if you’re oblivious, ignorant, or just plain arrogant.

tbh, i have a lot to say on the topic…but i’ll wait until i know how to write a novel or two to really get into it.  for now, i’ll just save up this pent up energy leading up the day that that happens.  there’s simply too much to be said for now to fit it all in a blog post.



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