ok great rest of the day tho :)

hey everyone!

the rest of my friday went super well.  after i finished up all my work items, i headed straight to my friend’s place in south san jose to celebrate his bday.  tbh, i couldn’t wait to see him, cuz i was having kind of a crappy day.  it was just us two, so we got to make a lot of joint decisions on what we did for the night.  well first we went to the berryessa library, so he could drop off and pick up some books.  then we hit up downtown san jose for the rest of the night.  i’m a huge fan of back a yard restaurant, so i took him there.  i’ll never get over how good their food is – it’s all jamaican/carribean style.  i got a jerk pork and salmon combo, while he got the jerk chicken and pork combo, a guava pineapple drink, and pecan pie.  each of the entrees came with delicious rice, salads, and fried plantains.  i was so happy he loved the food, and we’re def going back.  i remain a huge fan, and it’s also a perk that they validate parking.

our original plan after grubbing was to watch kubo and the two strings at camera 12, but we missed the time, so we ended up watching an indie film called “my king” at camera 3 in downtown.  i picked up a psycho donut on my way in to the movie as well.  but wowwww that movie tho.. “my  king” ended up being such a mindscrew.  it’s definitely left me in deep thought.  my friend and i had some thorough discussion about it after the two hour movie, and i def would’ve made a few tweaks to the plot…but overall it was really good.  i’m glad i watched it, but i still wanna watch kubo and the two strings at some point (it got 96% on rotten tomatoes!)

well guys, ihave a busy weekend ahead of me, as always, so good night to all!




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