my new diagnosis?

heyo, happy saturday!

my family is in midst of figuring out plans for thanksgiving.  we were originally gonna go to hawaii, but now we’re thinking to just hit up key west to save time.  we’re looking at flight times now to decide.

something interesting i forgot to tell you guys about is something my therapist mentioned in session this past wednesday.  she was taking about how she and my new therapist in downtown santa cruz had connected over the phone about me, and my current therapist mentioned to my new one that my diagnosis is either wrong or has changed. i’m currently considered bipolar 1.  but having a new and more accurate diagnosis is great news, because i can get on more proper medication for my symptoms and have a better understanding of myself.  she claims i’m not bipolar, because in this past year that i’ve known her through weekly sessions, she has never seen my “depressed” side…which i guess is true.  i tend to stay in positive spirits and not let that side show…but perhaps it’s not even there at all anymore, which would be awesome!

have a good weekend, ya’ll!



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