was having a good day until..

hey everyone!

i got up this morning, ran some errands, and went to play tennis with a friend.  the friend i played with actually works with me for my parents, and he’s pretty much family.  his wife and newborn baby watched us play, and afterwards, we went to his place to have lunch with his family. then, we went to pick up his daughter from elementary school.

i was planning to run a bunch more errands until my mom called me with a very minor task that she was claiming was super urgent…so instead of doing everything i was planning to do before getting into work today, i just came to work early.  then guess what?  turns out she doesn’t need my help anymore.

greaaaat.  way to set me back a bunch of time.

i’m also just stressed about my car situation.  instead of fishing over the money to the dealership, i went to consult my uncle (who knows cars well) about it.  and we’re gonna work on my car this sunday sometime hopefully to get everything taken care of.  gotta go buy some car parts.  i also need to get a smog check.

blehhhh sucky day.  good news is i’m watching a movie with a good friend later today (the one i went to the adele concert with) to celebrate his bday.



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