coffee date this morning

hey everyone!!

i’m having a great day so far and wanted to update you while i can.  i grabbed coffee this morning with my former high school spanish teacher.  spanish was by far one of my favorite subjects, and it’s always good to reconnect with senora mora.  we get together every once in a while and always have so much to catch up on.

today, we went to philz coffee in main street cupertino.  she hadn’t been to the area yet, so i was glad to show her around a bit.  there are so many new stores, cafes, and restaurants that pop up every time i go there!

after that, i met up with a good friend to grab lunch, catch pokemon, and just hang out.  unfortunately i had to cut our time short, when i noticed my dad sent me a huge assignment via email.  we were originally gonna go college shopping a bit.

now i’m tryna crunch out that work project before i head to therapy in about an hour.  after that, i’ll be going to dave and buster’s in milpitas with some friends for the night.

have a great day guys, will fill you in more later!



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