i can’t figure out if i’m a morning person or not.


hi all!  good morning.

whenever i have a reason to wake up earlier than i usually do, i usually dread it the day or night beforehand, thinking that i’m definitely gonna sleep through my alarm and miss the whole time commitment… however, when i do wake up on time and get there on time (which is 97% of the time), i always think it’s great.  i feel like i’m waking up with the rest of the world. it’s amazing how much extra time it gives me to do my thang too.  plus, i always reward myself with coffee or tea.

come school time (which btw guys is only 2.5 weeks away!), i’m gonna be waking up by at least 7am if not earlier, cuz i have an 8am class on mondays and wednesdays.  actually, i might need to get up earlier than 7am to have enough time to walk pierre and grab a quick breakfast. i’ll probably just walk pierre before my first class, and then wait to get breakfast in the gap between my first class and second class, cuz there’s a good hour and a half in between those.

i met with my pastor this morning, and now i’m at work trying to get some projects done before i visit my good friend at the facebook headquarters where he works to grab lunch w/him.  i love eating at facebook.  it’s all free, delicious, and unlimited – the way i like it 8).  i think this will be my 3rd time grabbing a meal there in the past few years, and i’m all about it!  grabbing lunch/dinner at google is also an awesome experience, but i digress.

peace guys.  have a great, productive day!



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