stopped by santa cruz this morning to run a few errands

santa cruz.png

hey guys!

this morning, i got up, walked pierre, and headed to santa cruz.  the drive over the hill seems shorter and shorter every time i drive it.  i decided not to take pierre with me today. my first order of business was going to UCSC’s resnet office in college eight, which was my primary objective today.  they were able to configure my router within 10 minutes, and i’m glad i got that out of the way.  fortunately, there were like 5 technicians hanging out without any immediate tasks to perform, so instead of me coming back at a different time to pickup the router, i asked if they could configure it right then and there, which they happily did.  so i just wandered around campus catching pokemon (including a zubat, poliwag, exeggcute, and tons of weedles) while waiting for them.  they called me after about ten minutes, and i picked up the configured router and bounced.  it took me a while to think up a name for my wifi network, but i ended up wth one i’m pleased with :).

then i headed into downtown santa cruz to check out and get set up at their labcorp and cvs.  that went really really smoothly too.  so, i go to labcorp every month for a standing order to get my blood drawn in order for my psychiatrist and pharmacy to check my levels and prescribe me my meds based on the results.  i take iron supplements on a daily basis for that too.  after checking out the labcorp, i got to the cvs (which by the way is 24 hour hollaaa), the staff member i interacted was super legit, so it was a seamless process.

after those three tasks, i decided not to linger in santa cruz much longer, although i did consider finding all my classrooms on campus or grabbing lunch somewhere downtown.

before heading into work, i got home and was pleasantly surprised to see that my weighted blanket arrived.  i knew it was supposed to weight 16lbs based on my own height and weight, but i was really surprised at how heavy it was.  i ordered the weighted blanket for my overall anxiety and comfort.  i didn’t really get a chance to sit down with it, but i’m excited to try it out later.

so lately, my family and friends have been giving me lots of cardboard boxes to move my stuff in with.  it’s kinda funny actually lol some are big, some are small, some are short, some are tall.  i’m pumped!!  sometimes i try to imagine what my time at cornell would’ve been like if i weren’t depressed or suicidal.. i’m sure UCSC will live up to that if not surpass it.  time to heal.



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