i’m just not sure how i feel about gsa is all..

hey guys!

so for some reason, the topic of gsa (genetic sexual attraction) keeeeeeeps popping up this past week, and i don’t get it.  first, it started out with a discussion during a women’s group meeting i attend at the billy defrank lgbt center.  that stirred me up a bit, cuz i had never really thought about my stance on it before.  then my friend posted something on facebook about it the day after, and i was even more like whaaaaa?

what the people participating in gsa were arguing was that “love is love” and as long as “they’re two consenting adults,” then it’s none of our business.  and these, of course, are arguments commonly used for gay rights, which is why i feel an urgency to take a stance on it.

it’s tripping me out, cuz i’m thinking back in history to how everyone must’ve thought gay marriage was really gross and backwards at first, which is just the unfortunate truth due to how closed-minded everyone was.  buut as people/society became more familiar with the idea of gay marriage, they began to accept it, right?  so now, i’m just worried i’m being accidentally discriminatory?  i dono.  what do you guys think?

dat’s all for now.



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