oh now i remember, that’s what i wanted to post about today: my recurring nightmare

hey guys!

i woke up this morning from a super vivid dream.  so, i remember very clearly the sense of urgency and stress i felt from the dream too.  this isn’t the first time this recurring dream has come up.  it’s actually starting to become somewhat of a recurring nightmare.

basically, i’m always stuck in a calculus class, reaaaally really close to failing the whole thing and getting below a C, and the point is, i need to maintain my C through my last final to pass the class, so i can move on in life and proceed on to the college of my choice.

i keep getting stuck right there tho.  in that moment fraught with uncertainty.  orrr i’m stuck in the moment when i’ve just found out i didn’t pass the class.

it’s really quite a horrible feeling..



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