it’s getting real, my homies.

moving boxes

hey guys!

sooooo, i’ve been buying items here and there nonstop off amazon and other places for my dorm room, and it’s getting super real.  today, all my linens came in a huge box from the linen company UCSC recommended.  the box was really cool, it said “you’ve aced moving in!”  my wifi router also came in the mail, so i’ll make a trip to UCSC this coming monday to get it configured.  i’m waiting for monday and not tomorrow, because i see my psychiatrist this saturday.  i’m gonna wait to get my new prescription and new standing order from him, so that when i go to santa cruz on monday to get my router configured, i’ll also stop by the CVS and Labcorp in downtown santa cruz where i’ll be going to to pick up my meds and get blood drawn every month just to get myself set up there.  i’ve given both CVS and Labcorp calls, and they were basically like don’t trip choco chip, just come by and we’ll set you up.  so, it should only take a few minutes at each place, but i’m the kind of person that’s over-prepared and blocks out tons of time for little things like this.  fortunately, there’s a CVS located in the same plaza as my new therapist on front street, and  that parking lot also houses a trader joe’s, so i can conveniently pick up snacks there while i’m in the area.  and then the labcorp i’ll be going to is on soquel street, which is just a few blocks away.

you know, if i really stop and think about what i’ll be moving into my dorm room, there isn’t a ton to move – bedding, clothes, decorations, school supplies, laundry stuff, shower caddy, toiletries, technology, and pierre’s stuff.  UCSC warned us to underpack as opposed to overpacking, especially because i live so close, there’s really no point going overboard.

i feel bad burdening my friends to help me move, but it’s just a one time thing.  and i’ll owe them forever!  i’m the type of person that stays grateful for a long, long time.

have a great rest of your thursday, all!




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