must be kidding me..

yoooo bro,

dentists will be the death of me!!!  i walked into my appointment today knowing that there was a good chance they wouldn’t be able to take off the temporary crown and permanently cement it back on due to the poor condition my gum’s in.  actually tbh, i walked into the appointment ready for the worst case scenario, which was for me to lose the whole tooth due to trauma to the gum. they took a pic of the gum area to let me see how it was injured but there’s hope, and the gum’s supposed to grow back granted i take care of it properly.

so i walked away with this kit of stuff that i need to use to help my gums heal.  they will heal and grow back, but it’ll take a few weeks to a month.  i took a pic of the pic they captured of my gum, but i won’t make you cringe.  it just looks like a dark red dent around my tooth.  it doesn’t look too gross, but it definitely looks concerning and worrisome.  why do i have the worst luck ever?  i’m hoping this all gets resolved before i leave for school in less than a month.

i also just have so much work i haven’t been able to get done these past few days, so i gotta do that right now. peace!



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