my mind is racing again


hey guys!

nothing too exciting today, just me and my lack of ability to focus on work.  by the way, i returned that clock that wasn’t working to amazon like two days ago on monday.  i got my refund via amazon (thank the lord almighty for amazon prime, which allows for free shipping both ways and immediate refunds).  afterwards, i bought another wall clock that came already assembled, and i totally dig it…mostly cuz it works and is functional.  my standards aren’t too high anymore.  at first when i put the battery in and adjusted the new clock to the right time, it started spazzing out like the old one was, so i was like oh dangit it might just be the battery i’m using, buut it works fine now.  fingers crossed though, cuz i’ve only had the new clock for like two days.

also, i got some mail from united airlines about how much mileage i’ve racked up.  28, 126 miles to be exact.  since i don’t really have time to be making a trip anytime soon, i’ll probably just use the miles to subscribe to magazines or something.  so, that’s what i did last night.  i subscribed to time, people, fortune, entertainment weekly, and travel/leisure.  the only thing is i’m not 100% sure what my address at ucsc will be, though i do already know my building and room #.  we’ll see.  even after subscribing to all the magazines i found relatively interesting, i still have a ton of miles left.

so in terms of the tooth thing.  i’m not sure if this is a canker sore or what…but if it’s a canker sore, it’s a pretty serious one.  i’ve been texting my endodontist about it, and she keeps telling me wait it out and hang in there until i see my regular dentist (cuz they’re friends).  i keep getting afraid i’m gonna lose a tooth.  i’ve been using a lot of salt water rinses and mouthwash.  but you know what.. this morning, when i was swishing around mouthwash, i spit it out and it wasn’t blue like it was supposed to be…it was purple…meaning the blue mouthwash combined with something red…as in my blood!  fuuhhhhhh.  i was like are you kidding me?! it kept bleeding for a good minute.  but the weird thing is, it feels a lot better now…like more healed.  i dono, it’s almost as if it was better to drain the blood.  i’m gonna see my regular dentist tmrw, but i don’t think i can get the crown on if the gum that the crown’s supposed to go on is damaged like it is now.  but at least she’ll lemme know more about what’s going on.  i can’t wait to just put all of this behind me and move on.  been praying about it.

peace guys,



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