it’s monday, and my hair’s getting super long

long hair

hey guys!

lately, i’ve been letting my hair grow out a big longer than i usually do, but i’m gonna aim to get it cut sometime this week.  my hair grows so quickly, it’s cray.  i’m never stuck with any certain hairstyle, cuz it changes so much so quickly.

long hair 2.jpg

other than that, i’m still super bothered by these canker sores, cuz it’s interfering with my ability to determine if i’ve recovered or healed correctly from the root canal treatment.  i can’t chew (omg i just typed “choo” instead of “chew”) on that side of my mouth, cuz it hurts my canker sores.  we’ll see.

side note: something that’s been bothering me emotionally and mentally is when people don’t realize i’m trying to help them rather than trying to hurt them, and then they get all passive aggressive about it.  i get uncomfortable when people try to prove themselves to others, and they end up having really big personalities in front of other people..but, you are wasting your time, energy, and effort.  it almost seems like a sign of mania. remember that you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.  you don’t have to be entertaining, funny, or “on.”  you can just lay back, be yourself, and blend in.  i’ve learned to listen first and act/speak second.



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