sup sup sup sup sup it’s wednesday

hey guys,

it’s wednesday!  i woke up, got ready, walked my dog, got brunch with a friend in downtown saratoga, went to my friend’s house to feed his pets while he’s out on vacay, and then got to work.  i walked into work today thinking there was no way i could finish everything by today, but hey!  i finished my work a lot faster than i thought i would.  go me and the power of being focused!

i have pretty much everything i need for ucsc now.  the last few items are completely optional, like i’m considering getting a mini fridge and an area rug, but that’s pretty much all i have left to get.  and those aren’t really necessities.  i’ll take pics of my room after i’m done unpacking, organizing, and decorating.  it should be super chill.  i found out the room number, hall, and building i’m living in this monday, and i’m super happy widdit! it’s exactly what i wanted, and i’m sure pierre will be chill with it too 🙂  i think the first thing i’m gonna do is clean the room then start settling into it.

other than that, i’m stoked for this weekend.  i’m going to a toga party on saturday that i’m super pumped and excited about.  it’s with some good friends on  yeeee!  i just needa learn how to properly make a toga with bed sheets hah.

time flies.  i’m about a month away from moving to santa cruz!







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