oh thank goodness the root canal treatment is done

hey guys,

i just got out of my root canal treatment, and it was a highly emotional procedure.  the endodontist and her assistant were such pros about it, and i look forward to recommending them to other people.  i’ll be needing to take over-the-counter painkillers for a while, but everything should be okay now.  it’s a bit early in the process, so i don’t wanna jinx it; my mouth is literally still numb from the treatment, and i feel like i’m the phantom of the opera with half of my face numb when i talk.

take a look at all the tools they used…super anxiety inducing, no?

i’m just glad we were able to get it done today, cuz we almost rescheduled due to the crown not coming off on the tooth we needed to work on.  it was crazy.  she kept wiggling at the tooth for a good 5-10 minutes with various instruments…which is a really long time to be focusing on one tooth.  she kept commenting to her assistant how she was gonna give my dentist a hard time about the crown she put it, cuz apparently they’re good friends.  eventually, we had to try really hard special, chewy candy to get it out.  and after the 4th attempt of boiling the candy and then drying it between my teeth, the crown finally came out!  so, note to self, don’t chew sticky candies with the tooth i have a crown on.

so much work to do now! ttyl.



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