everything’s a metaphor for something or other, right?

hey guys,

sometimes i feel like i speak in metaphors or that basically every conversation i have is a metaphor for something else.  i’ve never been one to be into board games, but recently, some of my monday night meditation groups have been cancelled (the groups i go to when i’m not at dbsa san jose on the 1st and 3rd mondays of the month), so i’ve been defaulting to my backup plan of playing board games with my “board gaymes” meetup group.

today, we played saboteur and citadels.  there were lots of different roles and strategies.  somehow, i walked away feeling like i was walking away from a therapy session.  a lot was revealed to me through simple conversations during the game tho nothing was explicitly stated, and i feel a bit wiser.

wish me luck for my root canal therapy tomorrow morning.  hopefully this dental procedure won’t be as painful as other ones i’ve experienced.  i read a whole pamphlet on “endodontic treatments,” and i hope to share the confidence my endodontist has for the treatment tomorrow.




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