yesss i love cooking!


hey guys!

so my mom is an amazing chef, and people have deemed her food “dangerously good” time after time.  she is also really efficient at it.  she can cook a huge table full of food within a few hours.  we often have parties for 30-40 people and send them home with lots of leftovers.  my dad also likes to cook, but he doesn’t have as much time to.  well, my mom is also super busy, but she prefers to cook and is just really quick with it.

soo, fortunately, i got cooking genes from both of them and love to cook!  i love blasting music and just cooking away.  it’s super cathartic and fun, cuz you end up with something you can share with others!  it’s fun feeding people.

i’ve liked cooking even before taking a really intense culinary class at cornell’s school of hotel administration, where we learned to cook 5-course meals.



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