why does everyone think i’m at UCSC already??

hey everyone!

so for like the past month or so, so many people have been confused and thinking that i’m at school already.  i keep getting random messages like “how’s UCSC going?”  tbh, i actually kinda like it when that happens tho, cuz it’s getting me super pumped for it mentally and emotionally.  i wish school were here already, but at the same time, i can’t help but think that it’s gonna be a scary transition…hopefully it’ll all be okay, and the reality is, i really won’t be all that far from home in case emergencies comes up.

i saw the endodontist for a consultation this morning, and she’s so incredibly sweet.  she’s also super efficient, cuz i’m able to go in for a root canal therapy tmrw morning at 11:15am.  i’m pumped.  as i’ve mentioned earlier, she seems professional, experienced, compassionate, confident, and optimistic.  let’s do this!  i love getting stressful tasks over with.  i’m sure i’ll feel really cleansed and renewed after i get this “endodontic treatment” out of the way.






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