wow i never cry, and i almost cried talking to my endodontist this morning

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hey everyone!

the first thing that happened this morning was me waking up to a call from the endodontist my dentist referred me.  i won’t lie, i was pretty groggy and grumpy for the beginning of the convo.  she started asking me about the kind of pain i was experiencing and the history of the pain, and i guess i’ve gone through so much with this tooth and the one before that that i was literally choking back the tears explaining the whole process.  she was really friendly, compassionate, and considerate, so i really didn’t wanna start crying and have her feel bad about anything, but she seemed to feel pretty bad anyways hearing my story.

anyways.  good news is that i’m seeing her tmrw morning at 10am for a consultation, and i’m really hoping all i need is a root canal therapy and nothing more.  even that by itself is daunting, but  hopefully it isn’t something more serious than an infected/inflamed nerve. the good thing is that this endodontist is optimistic, confident, and experienced, so that takes away from some of my own doubt.  i’m just hoping i won’t need to extract the tooth or something worse.  fortunately, none of this affects me cosmetically, cuz we’re talking about my back molar teeth that you can’t see, but still.

the worst part about this all is that none of it is my fault, but my brain always defaults to blaming everything on myself no matter what the reality is.  so i’m stuck in this rut, and i’ve been kinda moody and upset this past week because of all these additional complications.



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