stanford mood disorder education day and then friend’s graduation party

hey guys!

i’m wondering if i’m actually a morning person, cuz whenever i wake up early it feels great.  luckily for me, my fall quarter classes will force me to get up early, cuz they start at 8am.

anyways, i woke up a bit before 7am today to drive to stanford and find parking to attend the annual mood disorder education day.  it was a bit hectic being at the event, cuz i kept having to step out to take phone calls from my dental office and family members.  i learned a lot at the mood disorder education day.  i’m always skeptical of the science behind mental illness, but today put things in perspective more.  there’s an actual correlation of a lot of stuff that happens in psychiatry, neurology, and behavioral science to one’s mental and emotional well-being.


don’t have too much time to get into it, but the day was filled with a lot of research presentations of stanford professors from the psychiatry and behavioral science department.  i got lost listening to a lot of it, but i did leave with some cool take-aways.did you know that someone commits suicide every 40 seconds?  and that more people die from suicide than from homicide/terrorist attacks/all other crimes combined.  


suicide happens most in eastern europe and asia.  there were some really interesting graphs, charts, and diagrams on it.  i’ll attach one below of how the suicide rate breaks down in america.


anyways now, i’m headed to my friend’s graduation party on her farm in gilroy today.  it takes about 45 minutes to get there, so i’m gonna have to add gas and take off soon.

i didn’t take pierre to the mood disorder education day, cuz i didn’t think he’d like it nor would he have a comfortable place to sleep.  i also won’t be taking him to my friend’s graduation party later today, cuz she literally lives on a farm and has tons of animals around everywhere who might startle pierre or who pierre might startle lol.

will update y’all later. peace!



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