casual poem i wrote as a 5-min activity

hey guys,

don’t really have time to give you a full update of my day, but i did get to do a 5-minute writing activity earlier that i wanna quickly share.  the activity was during a wellness group, and the prompt was “they just don’t get it.”  so, i decided to write a poem.  here’s what i wrote in that 5 minutes.  i’ll type it out below too, cuz my handwriting sucks.  and sorry the spacing’s weird – wordpress, yanno.

“They Just Don’t Get It”

they just don’t get it.

they just wait ’til everyone’s upset and

leave a mess for everyone to clean up

when they’re the ones that need to sober up what’s in their cup.


they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease,

so i guess only those wheels feel the release.

release from turmoil, release from pain,

while everyone else is left to strain in vain.


so how do we make our problems known?

when they’re the ones seated on the throne.

why don’t they pick on someone their own size,

and let the rest of us keep our eyes on the prize?


but at the end of the day,

let’s not let our thoughts run astray,

or wait for the results to delay.

all we need to say

is that they just don’t get it,

nor will they ever come to regret it.


wrote that in 5 minutes!  i really should spend more time writing.  i just try to jot things down as fast as my brain spits them out.

gnite!  big day tmrw!  hope to have more time later to fill you in.



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