awww that was so sweet

hey guys!

i totally did some self-care tonight, and i’m so proud of myself for taking the time out of my week to do that.  i really need to take better care of myself, but that’ll be a learned behavior.  so i had a typical wednesday before that.  went to the vet, answered emails, went to work, went to pick up pierre to bring him with me to therapy then the depression support group.  funny enough, i didn’t avoid going to the subway i told you guys about with the guy who was a total jerk.  and guess what? the guy who made my sandwich was that same guy i called the manager/cops about, and we had a little friendly banter.  it was a chill confrontation.  i have better things in life to worry about.  then i went to co-lead the depression group i lead on wednesday nights (dbsa palo alto).  that went really well.  there was a newcomer, which was great.  we average around 20-25 people every time.  i actually opened up about some really deep ish this time, which is kinda why i felt the need to do some self-care directly after.


ANYWAYS.  what i did was i decided to treat myself to watching *drumroll please* finding nemo!! so the story leading up to this is that i watched finding dory recently and loved it.  i’m a huge ellen fan and also a huge disney&pixar fan.  i was telling one of my other depression support groups about the movie a few weeks back, and i mentioned how i honestly couldn’t really remember what happened in finding nemo.  all i remember about it was that it was super super popular in middle school, so all the teachers would play it in their classes when we had down time.  the problem was, they always started from the beginning and stopped like 30-45 minutes into the movie…so basically i knew the beginning well, but totally forgot the ending.  tbh, i didn’t remember the beginning all that well anyways.  so the following week, my friend brought me the DVD to borrow.  in the back of my mind, i was like oh no, i don’t wanna make an empty promise to watch this movie or add another item on my to-do list.  i simply don’t feel like i have the time of day to block out a 2hr time frame.

BUT i made time today and toootally do not regret it.  it was such a great movie.  it’s no wonder rotten tomatoes gave it a 99%.  it was so touching and moving.  it kinda makes me wanna be a parent tbh, cuz it made me realize and appreciate my parents’ love for me so much more.

yay life!  maybe i should watch epic movies more often, especially ones that take me back.

oh and about my teeth, i think to wait longer to assess if the pain persists or not.  let’s pray that it all works out and that i don’t need to shell out more money for a root canal therapy or anything.





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