took pierre to the vet this morning

hey all,

i got pierre all updated on his vaccinations and other stuffz this morning. it was pricey but totally worth it.

i’ve been feeling really blank this whole morning, and it’s an odd, weird feeling.  i cant seem to shake it.  i’m not sure if i like this state of mind or not, but it just feels kind of hollow, not necessarily in a bad way.

on another note, i’m waiting for literally like a dozen items from amazon of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  i got my door mirror yesterday and have it all assembled.  some of the other items i’m waiting on are my modern desk lamp, wall clock, hangers, and more.

one part of ucsc that confuses me is that not all of campus is covered with wifi.  so, i’m really hoping that my part of the building has wifi.

also about my dental procedure yesterday, they swapped out the temporary crown for the permanent crown.  it was honestly painful just to even do that.  they’re temporarily cementing in the permanent crown, and we’re waiting around a week to see if things get better.  i have a feeling this is as good as it’s gonna get.  rawr.

oh also, my family’s going to hawaii this thanksgiving…i hope my academic calendar is accurate, so i don’t skip any classes.



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