buying cool stuff on amazon nonstop


i’m feeling more and more prepared to move to santa cruz by the day.  i’ve been buying dorm essentials here and there either on amazon, at target, or at bed, bath, and beyond.  some of the last items i need to get are bedding, lamps, a mini-fridge, and moving boxes.  i have laundry stuff, a door mirror, a shower caddy, and of course all of the belongings i already had(clothes, technology, dog stuff, etc.).

knocking things off the list one by one over time is such a great feeling.  it’s like all a part of the momentum of gradual success.  i’m sure it’ll all culminate to a mental and emotional peak on actual move-in day.  i remember when i was packing for cornell, i had no idea what to bring, and i just stuffed a bunch of clothes i didn’t even end up wearing into my suitcase.  this time, i’m being way smarter about it, and it’s not even as big of a deal if i mess up or forget/overpack a few items, cuz home is only 43 minutes away.

also guys, the trick to losing weight without even realizing it is to wear smaller clothes, seriously.  it works for me somehow, because it tricks my body into thinking i’m full for some reason.  iono!  cuz i’ve been wearing shorts a lot lately, and now when i wear my pants, they’re looser around the waist.

gotta keep going on with my life! peace!



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