the preparation for UCSC continues..

ucsc 1

hey guys!

there’s never a time quite like college, right?  being able to live so close to all of your peers, socializing at any hour of the day, and journeying through a new adventure together.  everyone’s just down for everything in college, and you really can’t escape community as much as you may want to sometimes.  you’re basically “on” the whole time.  and tbh, ucsc is the perfect location to do all of that.  i can’t wait to overdose on nature and life.

so in preparation, i’ve been wondering about how all the little things work.  like turns out for laundry, there are two buildings near me (within porter college) that have laundry machines that run by laundry cards instead of quarters.  in terms of internet, fortunately my residential building has “cruznet” wifi, so i won’t needa buy or set up a router… i hope!  every room has an ethernet cable just in case, but that’s so archaic.  i also found out that the lgbtq/allies floor that i’ll living on is right on the fifth floor – smack dab in-between the single gender women’s floor and the mixed gender social justice floor.

now i need to start thinking about getting moving boxes to put all my stuff in.  i’m super super excited for fall welcome week to come in september.  this is gonna be a blaaaast – i can already tell.  i’m super grateful to my friends for being willing to move me in, cuz my parents will be flying out to st. louis that week to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday – a trip i skipped out on.  we might all go to hawaii this thanksgiving tho.

but back to the topic: i’m super amped, cuz i remember very clearly what college was like last time.  someone’s door is always open, and someone is always down to chill no matter what time of day or night it is.   it’s gonna be a really good time for me to work on my social anxiety, cuz everyone’s always super willing to meet new people and do ridiculous shizz together.  i’m gonna do my best to stay drug-free though!  we’re def gonna be working hard and playing harder. plus, going to college is good cuz you get an undergrad degree, which is essential (as they say).  i cannot want to dive more deeply into literature.  i hope ucsc teaches me all the things i don’t already know!

ucsc.pngthe city of santa cruz itself is gonna be a treat to explore.  i’d like to say i know it pretty well already, but i need to get to know downtown more and familiarize myself with the neighboring national parks more.  you can never know a place enough, right?  i’ll be spending at least two years in santa cruz, and my parents already wanna buy me a house there.  about to live that beach life.  and as much as ucsc staff emphasize how you really don’t need a car on campus, i’m still gonna bring mine to go on random adventures.  plus, i don’t have classes on fridays this quarter, so i can spend a 3 day weekend in a nearby city like monterey or carmel…that is, if i’m not swamped with work.

aaand last but not least, something i need to confess is that i haven’t been going to church these past two sundays.  i just really don’t feel like it anymore.  the thought almost sickens me.  jk.  i just find other ways to allocate and spend my time on sunday mornings.  don’t get me wrong, i still very much believe in God; i just don’t feel compelled to attend church.  i’m debating if i’ll go to the church in santa cruz that i researched: peace united church of christ.  they’ve been nothing but nice, open, and affirming.  i did meet the head pastor and other staff members, but it’s not like anyone can force me to go to church.  church should be something i want to attend, not something i feel like i need to attend.  i’m not sure what the reasoning behind this recent shift of my mindset is, but i guess i’m already feeling a ton of community from other areas of my life, especially whilst prepping for UCSC.  i really don’t need much help making new friends or being reminded to stay responsible/loving/pious.  i don’t need another group to be a part of in addition to everything i’m gonna get involved in on campus.

i can’t wait to get lost at UCSC – the redwood tree forest with a view of the ocean.  can’t beat that, can ya 🙂



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